Passionate about exploration and pushing the frontiers of planetary missions.

The Planetary Exploration group at TU Delft’s faculty of Aerospace Engineering is dedicated to the exploration of the solar system and the planets beyond.

Our science is focused on planetary atmospheres; planetary surface processes and materials; planet and moon interiors; and exoplanet detection and characterisation. We design and develop scientific instruments and trajectories for future space missions aimed at exploring the characteristics of other planets and moons in our solar system. We are also part of the Delft Space Institute.

Colloquium: Dealing with the asteroid impact threat.

Dr. Detlef Koschny (ESA-ESTEC) – Monday 28 June, 12:30 CEST via MS Teams.

In February 2013, an asteroid of about 20 m in size broke up in the atmosphere near the city of Chelyabinsk in Russia. It generated a shockwave which caused both material damage and hurt people. To be aware of these objects and to prepare mitigation measures is one of the tasks of the Space Safety programme of the European Space Agency. ESA’s ‘Planetary Defence Office’ is coordinating observations of asteroids, computes their orbits 100 years into the future, and is setting up interfaces to emergency response agencies. In addition to ground-based measures, ESA is building the ‘Hera’ spacecraft. In coordination with the NASA space mission DART (Double asteroid redirection test) it will contribute to our understanding of how an asteroid could be deflected off its course. This presentation will give an overview of the current activities at ESA and explain how they are tied in international activities.

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