Passionate about exploration and pushing the frontiers of planetary missions.

The Planetary Exploration group at TU Delft’s faculty of Aerospace Engineering is dedicated to the exploration of the solar system and the planets beyond.

Our science is focused on planetary atmospheres; planetary surface processes and materials; planet and moon interiors; and exoplanet detection and characterisation. We design and develop scientific instruments and trajectories for future space missions aimed at exploring the characteristics of other planets and moons in our solar system. We are also part of the Delft Space Institute.

Colloquium 16 December, 12:00 hr (on campus, lecture hall E)

MaQuIs – Mars Quantum Gravity Mission by Dr. Lisa Wörner (DLR institute for Quantum Technologies)

MaQuIs is a mission to investigate the gravitational field of Mars. In this talk I want to motivate the necessity of gravitational studies and give an overview over current state-of the art quantum technologies to enable the best possible measurements. As such, I will show you some of Earth-based gravitational field measurements, such as GOCE and GRACE / GRACE-FO and explain how quantum sensors can enhance the measurement principle. I will point out the open challenges for a Mars mission and discuss possible solutions to these challenges. This will include the principles of cold atom interferometry and its limitations for gravitational measurements as well as the necessary hybrid-sensor concept for the mission. Finally, I want to motivate, how additional ground-based measurements might support the in-orbit experiments and could improve the global view for local time variations. Read more.

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Join us on a virtual lab tour to get to know some of our people and experience the labs they work in. The video below showcases the work at the department of Space engineering, for other departments at our faculty follow this link.

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