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The coordination of the Dutch branch of the allsky fireball camera network ‘FRIPON’ has been handed over from ESA-ESTEC to the TU Delft. In a formal event ESA-scientist Detlef Koschny handed over the network to its new coordinator Sebastiaan de Vet of the section Astrodynamics & Space Missions. Scientific purpose FRIPON (Fireball Recovery and InterPlanetary Observation […]
In preparation for the upcoming research visitation, the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering had a video made for each department in which you pay a virtual visit to – almost all of their – labs at the faculty. But: the videos will be used for many more purposes: think of recruiting or ‘onboarding’ new employees and […]
Whether they look down at earth, to the side at our solar system, or up into deep space, satellites are ingenious packages, jam-packed with technology, that help in answering all kinds of scientific questions. Right at this cutting edge of science and technology, the new Leiden-Delft-Erasmus minor Space Missions is for any science student with […]
Sebastiaan de Vet and Stephanie Cazaux have made a new, virtual teaching collection of digital 3D models of meteorites and impact rocks: the ‘Delft Meteorite Lab.’ The first part of the collection is already online: photorealistic models of meteorites, impact rocks and other objects that were created using photogrammetry, where images were used to reconstruct […]
The European Space Agency (ESA) has selected the Venus orbiter EnVision as the fifth medium-class mission within its Cosmic Vision program. It marks the beginning of a new era of Venus exploration—last week NASA already announced two new missions to Earth’ sister planet. SRON and TU Delft are part of the EnVision consortium. The spacecraft […]
On Thursday, June 10, a partial solar eclipse was visible from the Netherlands. Planetary researchers Sebastiaan de Vet and Stephanie Cazaux therefore took to the streets in front of the faculty with their telescopes as a ‘pop-up’ observatory to observe the eclipse with passing students and staff. During maximum 29% of the Sun’s diameter was […]
On Tuesday March 2, Marie Fayolle won the fourth Heinz Stoewer Space Award for her MSc thesis entitled “Geodetic parameter estimation for small-satellite small-body mission”. This year, Prof. Heinz Stoewer himself handed over the prize to Marie Fayolle at the VSV Symposium 2021. The prize is awarded each year to an MSc student or young […]
Researchers of the faculty of Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft are involved in four of the eight new projects that will start within the Dutch planetary and exo-planetary programme ‘PEPSci’. That was decided by the NWO Domain Science Board last month. The projects include research into the icy moon Enceladus, the properties of exomoons and […]
Greenland is losing ice seven times faster than in the 1990s and is tracking the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s high-end climate warming scenario, which would see 40 million more people exposed to coastal flooding by 2100. A team of 96 polar scientists from 50 international organisations, among which three TU delft researchers (Wouter van […]