Explore the new ‘Delft Meteorite Lab’

Sebastiaan de Vet and Stephanie Cazaux have made a new, virtual teaching collection of digital 3D models of meteorites and impact rocks: the ‘Delft Meteorite Lab.’ The first part of the collection is already online: photorealistic models of meteorites, impact rocks and other objects that were created using photogrammetry, where images were used to reconstruct the digital 3D models. De Vet and Cazaux will use the collection for the MSc course Planetary sciences 1 (a core course of the track Space Flight) during the lecture ‘Meteorites’ and in the ‘Meteorite or meteorwrong’ activity. In the coming period, the collection will be expanded, for instance with Dutch meteorites. The plan is to make this valuable astrogeological heritage accessible to a wider audience as well. Visit the Delft Meteorite Lab on: www.delftmeteoritelab.nl.  

Source: Explore the new ‘Delft Meteorite Lab’