Dr. ir. Bart Root

Dr. ir. Bart Root

Bart Root is assistant professor at the TU Delft, educated in astrodynamics and geophysics. His academic interests are the gravity field determination and interpretation, Glacial Isostatic Adjustment (GIA), lithosphere structure, mantle convection, planetary interiors, history of physical geodesy, and space flight. In addition he chronicles the research and expeditions of TU Delft professor Felix Vening Meinesz, who studied gravity at sea illustrated in this video.

Planetary Interior Modelling

His educational activities are based on gravity field modelling and satellite tracking (ground segment)

In keywords: gravity field, planetary interiors, lithosphere, isostasy, and mantle convection

Research: Satellite missions have produced global gravity field observations for different celestial bodies in our Solar system. My major interest is in how to use gravity field data in collaboration with other datasets and physical theories that give information about the interior of a planet.

Education: Currently, supervising several MSc. students on gravity field modelling of Earth, Mercury, Mars, Ganymede, Moon and Eros. Lectures on gravity field modelling and satellite tracking.

For possible thesis topics, please have a look at the Brightspace page of the MSc AE profile Space Exploration.