Jesse Reusen

Jesse Reusen, MSc

In November 2018, I started my PhD here at the department of astrodynamics and space missions at TU Delft. Prior to that, I obtained a master’s degree in Climate Physics at the Utrecht University. I am fascinated by ice sheets, and all the processes related to it. The ice sheets are a result of the interaction between the climate and the solid Earth. During my PhD, I try to discover the ins and outs of this interaction.
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In keywords: Glacial isostatic adjustment, Gravity field, Solid Earth, Ice sheet dynamics

Research: For my research, I study the Earth, and more specifically the relation between the Earth’s interior and the melting of ice sheets. About 26 thousand years ago, vast parts of North America and Northern Europe were covered by ice sheets. These glaciations depressed the ground, which is rebounding ever since the ice sheets started melting. This process is called Glacial Isostatic Adjustment (GIA). The rate of this rebound depends on the structure of the Earth below it, and this is the focus of my PhD.

For possible thesis topics, please have a look at the Brightspace page of the MSc AE profile Space Exploration.