Ir. Vidhya Pallichadath

Space had always fascinated me right from my school days. After securing the gold medal for  Bachelor’s in Electronics & Communication Engineering in 2011, I started my career as a Systems Engineer for Cubesats and Nanosatellites with the Indian Space Agency (ISRO). I chose the immensely challenging job to maintain a connection with my discipline through the rather parallel engineering concepts between electronics, aerospace, and project management. Since 2016, I am working as a Space Systems Engineer for various space missions including PRIDE – JUICE (ESA) at Delft University of Technology. I obtained my Executive MBA specialized in Project Management in 2017.

In keywords: space system engineering, cubesat & pocket cubes, MEMS micro-Propulsion, planetary science, and instrumentation.


My particular engineering /research interests focus on Planetary Space-borne instrumentation, Nanosatellites, Micropropulsion, and Systems Engineering. My current research topics are the following:

PRIDE-JUICE: Focus on providing systems engineering interface solutions between the PRIDE science component and the ESA-JUICE project, which is critically important for the PRIDE instrument development, in-flight operations, segmentation aspects of the mission. Also involved in the development and demonstration of advanced methods of efficient scheduling of near-field VLBI observations of interplanetary spacecraft on all phases of their missions.

SPEX-LOUPE: Analyze and define the system requirements, and define the instrument interfaces for the LOUPE instrument for Exo-Planet studies. Safeguard the link between instrument design and science requirements for various planetary missions.

Micro-propulsion: With Ph.D. and Masters students, I am involved in the study, design, and development of small space instruments and propulsion systems for CubeSats and Pocketqubes. Also involved in the research activities related to the design and fabrication of MEMS chip at Else Kooi Laboratory, Delft. 

Education: I have assisted and involved in various Msc courses MicropropulsionMicrosat Engineering, and Planetary Sciences 2 and Collaborative Space System projects. I have co-supervised MSc thesis topics on PRIDE-VLBI, Micro-Propulsion, and Loupe-Spex within the Space System Engineering (SSE) and the Planetary Exploration (PE) research group. 

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